The replacement tee extractor hook for the tee extractor. The tee extractor with double prism support for exact 90° cut-outs on copper pipes. The extractor set is ideal for collaring the drilled collaring hole size of 10-54 mm (3/8-2.1/8 inch). Collaring without scratches and burrs and at the same time gentle on the material is made possible by specially ground tee extractor hooks. Easy insertion into the drill hole thanks to the special hook design.

Choosen variant:Aushalshaken 3/8"
Article number:22260
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Choose a variant

Aushalshaken 3/8"


Aushalshaken 3/8 Zoll

Outneck hook 35mm/1.3/8"


Tee extractor hook 35 mm (1.3/8 inch)

Outneck hook 42mm


Tee extractor hook 42 mm

Aushalshaken 2"


Tee extractor hook 2"