With the ROTHENBERGER UNIDRILL, plumbers from the plumbing/heating and refrigeration/air conditioning trades can drill holes in pipes to prepare them for flaring.

Choosen variant:UNIDRILL Automatic 28, SW 11
Article number:21583
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  • Drilling depth stop prevents damage to the pipe wall
  • Accurate spot drilling without graining due to special spot drill tip
  • Fast and burr-free drilling
  • UNIDRILL Automatik 28, 10-28mm (3/8-1.1/8")

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UNIDRILL Automatic 28, SW 11


UNIDRILL Automatik 28, 10-28mm (3/8-1.1/8")

UNIDRILL Automatic 42 SW11


UNIDRILL Automatik 42, 10-42mm (3/8-1.5/8")