TURBOPROP-Set,12-15-18mm,m.Controller 3.2084

Thanks to the turbine effect and pilot flame, the ROTHENBERGER TURBOROP brazing and soft-soldering unit is ideally suited for economical brazing work. Additionally the quick coupling makes it easier to change the burner without tools.

Choosen variant:TURBOPROP-Set,12-15-18mm,m.Controller 3.2084
Article number:31036
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TURBOPROP-Set,12-15-18mm,m.Controller 3.2084


Hard and soft soldering machine TURBOPROP, 12-15-18 mm, with propane regulator


Safety handle with plug-in coupling

brazing torch with plug-in nipple Ø 12 mm / Ø 15 mm / Ø 18 mm

2.5 m propane hose with G 3/8" LH connection

propane regulator,stepless,1-4bar,W21,8x3/8 "L

Safety lighter

Spare flints

Open-end wrench

Fleece cloth Rothenberger

Steel case

Turboprop Set 18mm, handle with burner


TURBOPROP hard set, 12-15-18 mm, without controller, in steel case


AIRPROP/TURBOPROP Propan-Handgriff mit Anschl.Steckkupplung Hartlötbrenner,TURBOPROP,12mm, mit Stecknippel Hartlötbrenner,TURBOPROP,15mm, mit Stecknippel Hartlötbrenner,TURBOPROP,18mm, mit Stecknippel Doppelmaulschlüssel, 14/19mm Sicherheits-Topfanzünder mit Walzenfeile 5x Feuersteine - Topfanzünder Propanschlauch, 3/8"L-3/8"L, 2,5m, 4x3,5mm Vliesstuch