Flame retardant mat,33x50cm, shortfr. 1100? C

The ROTHENBERGER flame protection mat reliably protects components, walls and surfaces from burns during soldering and welding work. The material is resistant to permanent temperatures up to 700° C and offers a long life cycle even under direct flame contact. Working becomes safer and the environment is protected.

Choosen variant:Flame retardant mat,33x50cm, shortfr. 1100? C
Article number:1300001508
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  • Flame retardant and heat resistant up to 840° C Permanent heat resistance up to 700° C during direct exposure to flames and molten slag Good formability, long service life, asbestos-free, ceramic-free and no health hazard

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Flame retardant mat,33x50cm, shortfr. 1100? C


Flame retardant mat, 33 x 50 cm


Flammenschutzmatte 330x500x3 mm

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