Turboprop Set 18mm, handle with burner

Thanks to the turbine effect and pilot flame, the ROTHENBERGER TURBOROP brazing and soft-soldering unit is ideally suited for economical brazing work. Additionally the quick coupling makes it easier to change the burner without tools.

Choosen variant:Turboprop Set 18mm, handle with burner
Article number:P00109216
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  • High flame temperature up to 2,200° C due to turbine effect with increased air-oxygen suction capacity and 4 to 5-fold flame chamber Quick coupling for fast burner exchange without tools Pilot flame for reduced gas consumption due to a smooth-running economy valve

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      Turboprop Set 18mm, handle with burner


      Hard and soft soldering machine TURBOPROP, 12-15-18 mm, with propane regulator


      TURBOPROP hard set, 12-15-18 mm, without controller, in steel case


      TURBOPROP-Set,12-15-18mm,m.Controller 3.2084