The ROTHENBERGER ROFIRE 4 has an integrated preheating function, which can even be used 360° overhead after a short preheating time (approx. 5 seconds). The gas is preheated before ignition to ensure clean combustion in the gaseous state.

The wind-stable flame can be precisely adjusted as required with the fine adjustment valve.

High safety due to longer construction with stable positioning on Multigas 300 cartridges

Choosen variant:ROFIRE 4, 7/16
Article number:1500002921
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ROFIRE 4, 7/16


ROFIRE 4, 7/16"-EU, im Blister

ROFIRE 4 Set with Multigas 300, 7/16


ROFIRE 4 , 7/16"-EU

Multigas 300, 7/16" EU, 600ml

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