ROTHENBERGER quality soft solders are characterised by excellent melting and flow properties. The even distribution of the alloy components ensures excellent processing of the solder.

Choosen variant:Fittingslot 1S, 3mm, 250g, coil
Article number:45250
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  • Quality soft solders according to ISO 9453
  • Fittingslot 1S, 3mm, 250g, Spule

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Fittingslot 1S, 3mm, 250g, coil


Fittingslot 1S, 3mm, 250g, Spule

Fittingslot 1S, 2mm, 250g, coil


Fittingslot 1S, 2mm, 250g, Spule

Fittingslot 3, 3 mm, 250g coil, S-Sn97Cu3


Fittingslot 3, 3mm, 250g, Spule

Fittingslot 3, 2mm, 250g, coil


Fittingslot 3, 2mm, 250g, Spule