Practical, intuitive, comfortable - the RP PRO III's strength lies in the automatic pressure testing of pipe systems and containers up to 40 bar. At the same time, the automatic thermal switch-off prevents the pump from being overloaded. High performance combined with a compact design ensure convenient operation for the installer.

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  • Convenient automatic filling and discharging of pipe systems and containers Compact and robust plastic casing for easy handling on the construction site Selectable liquid supply: self-priming or from a pressure source. Suitable for water and oil testing hose with steel mesh prevents measuring errors caused by expansion of the hose during operation Glycerine-damped pressure gauge compensates for pressure surges, thus easy reading of the pressure

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        alternativně 061185,Pr?p Pro II


        RP PRO III, elektrická


        RP Pro III, zkušební pumpa, elektrická

        RP PRO III zkušební čerpadlo 110V


        Vysokotlaká hadice RP Pro III 1/2"


        Zkušební hadice s přípojkou 1/2" pro RP Pro III