The ROCAM MINI HD is the monitor unit. The high-resolution 7 inch full HD touch display simplifies the professional and expert inspection at the customer's site. Thanks to the resistive touch display, marking or damage information can be added directly in the image or in a video, even with gloves on. Time saved during post-processing, as on the device itself, the leakage or blockage can be marked directly in the image. Customized folder structures can be created or data can also be quickly transferred to a mobile device. Thanks to the app compatibility, the customer can also be informed about their own work via live stream and data can be forwarded quickly and easily.

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  • * High-resolution 7" full HD touch display for an optimal picture * Direct documentation with integrated damage catalogue * Photos and videos can be transferred directly to a mobile device * Live stream - transmission to a mobile device for a professional appearance at the customer
  • ROCAM MINI HD - Display


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