CAS Battery Platform

One battery for everything - with Cordless Alliance System (CAS) batteries, this is a reality. CAS batteries can be used with a wide range of tools from different manufacturers.

On the way to the wireless construction site

More and more manufacturers are joining the battery alliance, which means in concrete terms: the number of application areas and combination options is growing. The wireless construction site is getting closer!

The latest news about the battery alliance can be found at

In 2020, CAS was awarded the EISEN Innovation Award. The jury recognised the innovative idea of the first manufacturer-independent battery system.

CAS battery packs

Combined strength and extremely powerful

ROTHENBERGER has a wide range of battery-powered tools for many different areas of application: from special equipment for SHK professionals to standard tools. Whether it's a press machine, pipe inspection camera or drill screwdriver: all devices are CAS-compatible.

The powerful CAS batteries and chargers can be used for all CAS battery tools and can be combined with each other. The sophisticated battery technology comes from Metabo.

18-volt-class LiHD rechargeable batteries.

ROTHENBERGER offers 18 V CAS batteries in 2 Ah, 4 Ah and 8 Ah. The LiHD batteries in 4 Ah and 8 Ah are characterised by their particularly compact form, as their cells are densely packed - hence the name Lithium High Density (LiHD) batteries. Each cell generates heat. Therefore, LIHD batteries have a particularly efficient temperature management.


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