SUPERTRONIC 2SE,Stand.,BSPT R1/2-2",230V

The compact threader SUPERTRONIC 2 SE is an all in one tool for the preparation and finishing of pipes. Easy to transport thanks to the rolling transport frame, optionally usable as a workbench. One automatic die head BSPT R with integrated oil supply is included. Quick and reliable threading, cutting, nipple production, deburring and roll grooving. Easy to maintain machine design.

Choosen variant:SUPERTRONIC 2SE,Stand.,BSPT R1/2-2",230V
Article number:56150
  • Universal die head mounting (standard or automatic) Precise guidance of the die head Low-wear and precise slide guidance Fast axial alignment of the pipe Impact hammer chuck eliminates pipe slippage Burr-free operation
  • Supertronic 2 SE


    Schneidbacken 1/2" - 3/4"

    Schneidbacken 1"-2"