ROMAX AC ECO,TH16-20-26,230V,TypC,Network

Electro-hydraulic press machine for mains operated system dependant pressing of fittings. It's a handy and light tool, perfect for batch production of fitting connections on the construction site. The ROMAX AC ECO uses CFT technology which guarantees a constant axial thrust of 32-34 kn for up to 10.000 press cycles.

Choosen variant:ROMAX AC ECO,TH16-20-26,230V,TypC,Network
Article number:15730
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ROMAX AC ECO,TH16-20-26,230V,TypC,Network


ROMAX AC ECO, M15-22-28mm,230V,TypC,Mains


ROMAX AC ECO, SV 15-22-28mm


ROMAX AC ECO, U16-20-25mm, 230V, TypeC, Mains