Ratchet wrench open, ROCLICK, 24 mm

With the ROCLICK ratchet spanner, plumbers and fitters in the sanitary heating and air conditioning industry can loosen and tighten screws on installations and pre-wall assemblies.

Choosen variant:Ratchet wrench open, ROCLICK, 24 mm
Article number:70418
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  •     Spring mechanism: the stronger the tightening pressure, the tighter the grip     Self-ratcheting effect when turning back: No need for readjustment     Fast tightening and loosening of screws     Particularly suitable for screw connections on pipes, cables and rods

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        Ratchet wrench open, ROCLICK, 24 mm


        Ratchet spanner open, ROCLICK, 13 mm


        Ratchet spanner open, ROCLICK, 17 mm


        Ratchet spanner open, ROCLICK, 19 mm