HVAC installers can use the step expander A1 for bending copper and aluminium pipes up to a diameter of 108 mm/ 4.1/8".

Choosen variant:Step-Exp. A1,D=1.3/8-4.1/8",o. Ratchet
Article number:11078
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  • Expansions can be performed even in confined spaces thanks to the ratchet drive The step expander head allows expanding six different pipe dimensions with only one tool Precise adaptation to most pipe dimensions and pipe materials thanks to continuous adjustment of the capillary gap.
  • Stufen-Expander A1, 1.3/8-1.5/8-2.1/8-2.5/8-3.1/8-4.1/8"

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Step-Exp. A1,D=1.3/8-4.1/8",o. Ratchet


Stufen-Expander A1, 1.3/8-1.5/8-2.1/8-2.5/8-3.1/8-4.1/8"

Step-expander A1, D=42-108mm, without ratchet


Step expander head A1, 42 - 108 mm


Step-Exp. A1, D=35-108mm, o. Ratchet


Stufen-Expander A1 35-42-54-64-76-108mm

Step-Exp. A1, D=35-104mm, o. Ratchet


Stufen-Expander A1, 35-42-54-67-80-104mm