Electric soldering machine ROTHERM 2000 set with accessories, 230V

The ROTHENBERGER ROTHERM 2000 electric soft soldering device offers short soldering times without an open flame thanks to its 2000 W output, especially for fire-prone environments. Set in a steel case with soft soldering accessories such as soft solder, flux, brushes and cleaning pad.

Choosen variant:Electric soldering machine ROTHERM 2000 set with accessories, 230V
Article number:36702
  • Soft soldering without open flame - no fire watch needed Large working radius thanks to 4m solder gun cable and 2m power cable, also for working under ceilings Compact design for a comfortable transport without gas bottles
  • Soft soldering unit ROTHERM 2000

    Fittings soldering paste ROSOL 3, 250g

    Fittings solder 3, 3mm, 250g, coil

    Cleaning fleece ROVLIES

    Copper tube inner brush, 28mm

    Copper tube inner brush, 12mm

    Copper tube inner brush, 15mm

    Copper tube inner brush, 18mm

    Copper tube inner brush, 22mm

    Steel case for ROTHERM 2000