Dia-NTBK SPEED STAR DX1.1/4,D=122,NL=430

Installers, service technicians or electricians can quickly and easily drill holes in reinforced concrete (wet), masonry or sand-lime brick (both dry) to a depth of 400/430 mm with the hand-held or stationary core drilling system and using the Speed Star DX diamond core bit, without the need for an extension.

Choosen variant:Dia-NTBK SPEED STAR DX1.1/4,D=122,NL=430
Article number:FF00120
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  • Space welding: cold welding process according to cutting-edge bonding technology. Use of the complete diamond segment without waste due to a neutral zone PRISMACUT: Four drill nodules on the diamond segment improve the drill behaviour and provide optimal water cooling at the same time Exact rotation reduces wear Easy and secure first cut in hand-operated mode

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        Dia-NTBK SPEED STAR DX1.1/4,D=122,NL=430


        Dia-NTBK SPEED STAR DX,1.1/4, D=62, NL=430


        Dia-NTBK SPEED STAR DX,1.1/4,D=82,NL=430


        Dia-NTBK SPEED STAR DX1.1/4,D=102,NL=430