Thread transition,1.1/4"UNC(I)to R1/2"(I)

Plumbers, service technicians and electricians can use this thread adapter on a wet drill with only 1.1/4" UNC connection to accommodate smaller drill bits with G 1/2" connections.

Choosen variant:Thread transition,1.1/4"UNC(I)to R1/2"(I)
Article number:FF35095
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  •   Thread adapter 1.1/4" UNC (internal thread) to G 1/2" (internal thread), for drill motors that do not have a direct G 1/2" mount
  • Steel design for robust and safe use

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        Thread transition,1.1/4"UNC(I)to R1/2"(I)


        Thread transition,G1/2"(A)to 1.1/4"UNC(A)