Optimal entry-level tool for installers, janitors and drain cleaners for the quick removal of simple blockages in connecting pipes of washbasins and sinks, tubs and toilets using the suction/pressure principle.

Vybraný variant:ROPUMP SUPER PLUS
Objednávkové číslo:072070X
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  • Easy handling due to adjustable handle High suction and pressure power through single-cast main body Easy to use
  • ROPUMP Super Plus

    Adapter kurz

    Adapter lang

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ROPUMP Super Plus

Adapter kurz

Adapter lang

SÚPRAVA ROPUMP Super Plus vrátane adaptéra širokého a ROBUCKET


ROPAMP SUPER PLUS Sada s 3 adaptérmi


ROPUMP Super Plus

Adapter kurz und lang

Adapter breit (Duschablauf) f. ROPUMP SP

Werkzeugtasche Universell 220x440x230 mm

RSC13 Faltktn. 58,6x18,6x27,2cm

Bonusprogramm Rubbelkarte 1 Punkt

Bonusprogramm Aufkleber 80x80 mm