The ROMAX 4000 is an electro-hydraulic, battery powered press machine for system dependant pressing of fittings up to Ø 110 mm with 32-34 kN. An improved and more powerfull battery technology allows an increase in pressings per single charge. The low weight of only 3.6 kg and a balanced weight distribution reduces fatigue and enables operating in a more ergonomic and effort-saving way even during continuous use. CFT technology guarantees a constant thrust during each press cycle. The increased service interval of 40,000 pressings/ 2 years reduces down time and increases productivity.

Vybraný variant:ROMAX 4000 Basic Set, 1x4 Ah, EU
Objednávkové číslo:1000001840
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ROMAX 4000 Basic Set, 1x4 Ah, EU


ZÁKLADNÁ JEDNOTKA ROMAX 4000 bez batérie a bez nabíjačky


ROCASE 6414 Červená s vložkou pre ROMAX 4000


ROMAX 4000 Basic Set 1x2Ah, 1x4Ah, EU