RÚRKOVÁ FRÉZA 35 + Univerzálny odburrátor

Easily and effortlessly cut pipes with the TUBE CUTTER 35 for preparing a pipe connection.

Vybraný variant:RÚRKOVÁ FRÉZA 35 + Univerzálny odburrátor
Objednávkové číslo:19152
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  • Material saving: cuts near to flares Ready for use: Spare cutter wheel in handle Easy turning of the knob: Quickly adjust the working area Two tools combined in one: Tube cutter contains retractable internal deburrer Lightweight and robust at the same time due to its magnesium body

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        RÚRKOVÁ FRÉZA 35 + Univerzálny odburrátor


        REZAČ RÚR 35


        Odrezavac TUBE CUTTER TC35

        REZAČ RÚR 35, MSR


        Odrezavac TUBE CUTTER 35 MSR

        Súprava ručného náradia s TC 35 a TC 42 v ROBOX