Ideal for plumbers, janitorial services and pipe cleaners for removing blockages in sewage pipes in combination with a ROTHENBERGER VarioClean pipe cleaning machine.

Alegeți varianta:Spirală pentru baterii DuraFlex SMK 16 mm, 2,3 m
Numărul articolului:1500003703
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  • Reduced wire diameter for better arc movement and weight saving for optimised battery life
  • Galvanised wire for long life
  • Inner core for improved stability and reduced cleaning effort
  • 16 mm T-slot coupling as univerasal connection for pipe cleaning tools
  • DuraFlex spiral segment, 16mm, 2.3m

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Spirală pentru baterii DuraFlex SMK 16 mm, 2,3 m


DuraFlex spiral segment, 16mm, 2.3m

Baterie DuraFlex cu spirală de 13 mm în tambur


Spiral drum incl. DuraFlex battery spiral 13mm, 15m

DuraFlex baterie-spiral 13mm, 16mm t-Nut


DuraFlex spiral 13mm, 15m with 16mm t-nut coupling

DuraFlex spirală pentru baterii 10mm, 10m cu piuliță T


DuraFlex spiral 10mm, 10m with 16mm t-nut coupling