Vodní ponorné čerpadlo RODIAPUMP,dopravník. 5,5 m

Plumbers from the SHK sector can ideally supplement this submersible pump with many series boreholes in order to have water permanently on hand if no direct water connection is available.

Vybraná varianta:Vodní ponorné čerpadlo RODIAPUMP,dopravník. 5,5 m
Číslo článku:FF35029
  • Submersible pump with 5.5 meters head, in many core drilling water can be used from a larger tank for cooling/flushing
  • Pump is equipped with 10 meter power cable
  • Hose connection with quick-connect coupling, fits all RODIADRILL diamond wet core drilling machines
  • Narrow body to be able to work also in smaller containers
  • Vodní ponorné čerpadlo RODIAPUMP, dodací výška 5,5 m