Brilliant image quality with the ROCAM mini HD pipe inspection camera and the 25/22 HD module

Now professional users in the sanitary, heating and air conditioning sector can inspect pipes for blockages and damage even faster and more conveniently. The modular ROCAM mini HD pipe inspection camera offers razor-sharp images and videos in full HD quality and makes it easy to forward the image data via the associated app.

The 22/25 HD module is suitable for all common pipes from DN40 to DN 110. It has a high bendability and, with a length of 22 metres, a particularly long range. This means that pipes can be inspected comfortably even over several storeys.

Intuitive operation, simple documentation and new connectivity concept

All functions of the ROCAM mini HD can be selected via the 7-inch touch screen. The operation is intuitive. Leaks or blockages in the pipe can be marked directly in the image and recorded quickly and easily with the help of a damage catalogue. Since the touchscreen reacts to pressure, this also works with work gloves. Working outdoors is no problem because the housing is waterproof.

The accompanying app has a live stream function, which allows the image of the ROCAM mini HD to be mirrored on a mobile device. This allows the end customer to be professionally involved in the inspection process. In addition, the recorded images and videos can be downloaded directly to the mobile device and forwarded. This saves time in post-processing.

These advantages are offered by the ROCAM mini HD pipe inspection camera:

  • HD image quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for fast and precise detection of damage and blockages in the pipe.
  • 7" full-HD resistive touch display for easy operation even with work gloves on
  • Numerous documentation functions with damage catalogue for damage analysis directly on site
  • Diverse app functions for documentation and livestream for iOS and Android save time and ensure a professional appearance with the customer
  • Optimised cable stiffness and camera head geometry for passing up to six 90° bends (50 mm pipes) or three 90° bends (40 mm pipes)
  • 22 m cable for long range application even over several floors
  • Suitable for pipes of all nominal sizes from DN40 to DN100

The ROCAM mini HD produces razor-sharp images with an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

For more convenient working, simply remove the 18 V CAS battery and connect it directly to the ROCAM mini HD display.