Successful SAP implementation in UK

ROTHENBERGER UK, part of the larger ROTHENBERGER Group based in Kelkheim, Germany, has recently implemented a new IT operating system, moving over from an ERP system to SAP. After 12 months, and an enormous amount of work later, the go-live of SAP finally happened – on time and as planned.

The change over to SAP has several advantages: With SAP as a standard software, we are harmonizing processes across borders within the ROTHENBERGER Group and update current systems to state-of-the-art technology. SAP also comes with built-in advantages such as a new CRM systemand electronic archive, resulting in increased efficiency and streamlining of process. This overall benefits internal processes, as well as benefiting customers alike.

Integration of SAP has undoubtedly led to many challenges along the way. “The biggest challenge,” explains IT Manager and project leader Stefan Endler, “was the migration of the vast master data for materials and customers. Although we had a template to build on, we needed to drill down into the details to make sure everything was correct for the UK market...The integration will continue – but for now, SAP is up and running and the team is happy the go-live went well.”  With the patience of our customers and hard work from all staff involved, we have quickly overcome such issues, and would like to also take this opportunity to thank staff from ROTHENBERGER Werkzeuge, VIRAX and ROTHENBERGER Spain, who have fully supported the project implementation throughout. “The integration was a true team effort, in the best sense of ROTHENBERGER ONE,” says Julian Potter, Managing Director ROTHENBERGER UK.