With the ROGRIP M water pump pliers you can hold and turn a wide variety of pipe types up to Ø 2".

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  •     Long-lasting: Double-hardened teeth mean that the teeth only wear slowly. This means that the pliers in the ROGRIP family can be used for longer.     Slip-proof: The shape of the teeth (self-clamping serration), the 3-point grip (pipe contact at three points) on the pipe and the soft-touch handle prevent slipping from the pliers. So you always have a secure grip on the pipe.     Large gripping capacity: The rounding in the trade, called ROTHENBERGER Curve-Shape-Design, ensures a higher gripping capacity than standard water pump pliers have to offer: A 7" ROGRIP grips like a 10" standard water pump pliers. This allows you to use the ROGRIPs for a wider range of applications.

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