Promoset SUPERTRONIC 2000, 1/2-2", 230V + lamp

HVAC installers produce pipes threads according to EN 10226 (BSPT R), on steel pipes of the standard DIN EN 10255 M-H in the sizes R 1/4"-2" with the portable electric pipe threader.

Choosen variant:Promoset SUPERTRONIC 2000, 1/2-2", 230V + lamp
Article number:1000002302
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  • 4x faster rewind due to reverse drive User friendly work due to a large switch for forward and reverse gear Firm fit of the die heads through direct seating with tension ring locking Threading close to walls due to a off-set die head mounting High and constant power transmission at full load Ideal for hard to reach places (corners, shafts) Secure grip in both directions through hardened, interlocking prism pipe clamp Easy maintenance due to automatic lubrication

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    Promoset SUPERTRONIC 2000, 1/2-2", 230V + lamp


    SUPERTRONIC 2000-Set, BSPT R,1/2-2", 230V


    Hand-electric thread cutting machine SUPERTRONIC 2000, NPT


    Hand-electric thread cutting clip, SUPERTRONIC 2000, up to 2"