Cutting head f.3SE/4SE,Auto,BSPT R2.1/2 - 3"

Installers can combine the automatic die heads with the threading machines ROPOWER 50 R or SUPERTRONIC2-4 in order to produce thread connections according to standards. Threading range is R 1/2" up to R 4".

Choosen variant:Cutting head f.3SE/4SE,Auto,BSPT R2.1/2 - 3"
Article number:56288
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  • Adjustable effective thread length for batch production Adjustable thread size and individual thread depth for batch production without readjustment if dimensions change Quick and easy change of the threading die thanks to the ball seating. Threading die heads can be used in combination with all ROPOWER as well as SUPERTRONIC machines. Cutting and cooling lubrication passes through die head and guarantees oil film on the threading dies
  • Automatik-Gewindeschneidkopf, BSPT R, 2.1/2-3"

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Cutting head f.3SE/4SE,Auto,BSPT R2.1/2 - 3"


Automatik-Gewindeschneidkopf, BSPT R, 2.1/2-3"

Automatic cutting head, BSPT R 1/2-2" for ROPOWER 50 R


Schneidkopf, Automatik, BSPT R, 1/-2" ROPOWER 50R

Cutting head for SUPERTRONIC 2SE, automatic, R 1/2-2"


Schneidkopf für SUPERTRONIC 2SE, Auto, BSPT R, 1/2"-2"



Cutting Head Automatic, NPT, 2.1/2 - 4"


Automatik-Gewindeschneidkopf, NPT, 2.1/2-4", für SUPERTRONIC 4SE