Cutting head f.3SE/4SE,Auto,BSPT R2.1/2 - 3"

Installers can combine the automatic die heads with the threading machines ROPOWER 50 R or SUPERTRONIC2-4 in order to produce thread connections according to standards. Threading range is R 1/2" up to R 4".

Choosen variant:Cutting head f.3SE/4SE,Auto,BSPT R2.1/2 - 3"
Article number:56288
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  • Adjustable thread size and individual thread depth for series production without readjustment when changing dimensions
  •  Die holder with ball seat, for easy and simple change of dies
  •  Die head can be used for SUPERTRONIC 3-4 SE tapping machines
  •  Cutting & cooling lubrication leads through die head, direct oil exit at threading dies

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Cutting head f.3SE/4SE,Auto,BSPT R2.1/2 - 3"


Automatic cutting head, BSPT R 1/2-2" for ROPOWER 50 R


Cutting head for SUPERTRONIC 2SE, automatic, R 1/2-2"


Cutting Head Automatic, NPT, 2.1/2 - 4"