The COMBI KIT can be used by HVAC installers for producing T-branches on copper pipes with Ø 54 mm / 2.1/8" first and expanding with an expander afterwards.

Choosen variant:COMBI KIT Exp./Aush. Set,12-14-16-18
Article number:011186X
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  • Increased safety by reducing joints - lower risk of potential leaks Extractor and expander in a suitcase - extractions can be calibrated with the expander Up to 67% reduction of soldering materials and energy compared with the use of solder fittings

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      COMBI KIT Exp./Aush. Set,12-14-16-18


      COMBIKIT 12-15-18-22 "S"


      COMBI KIT Exp./AushSet,1/2-5/8-7/8-1.1/8


      COMBI Kit, 12-15-18-22mm "S", ROLOCK