Heating, and sprinkler installers create with this pressure roller set size 1" in conjunction with the ROGROOVER 1-6" on steel pipes of the standard DIN EN 10255, M-H. and a drive machine, a rolling groove.

Other working range available, 1" as well as 2 - 6".

Choosen variant:Pressure roll set f. ROGROOVER, 1"
Article number:56521
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  • Interchangeable roller set for pipe size 1", consisting of drive shaft and pressure roller
  • Easy to change and adjust to the correct pipe dimension
  • Made of high quality steel for long service life
  • Druckrollenset für ROGROOVER, 1"

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Pressure roll set f. ROGROOVER, 1"


Druckrollenset für ROGROOVER, 1"

Printing roller set f.ROGROOVER, 1.1/4-1.1/2"


Druckrollenset für ROGROOVER, 1.1/4-1.1/2"

Pressure roll set f. ROGROOVER, 2-6"


Druckrollenset für ROGROOVER, 2-6"

Roller set 2-6" for RO GROOVER 8873070


Roller-Set, 2-6"