The ROTHENBERGER ROLOT solders are suitable for numerous soldering applications due to their melting and flow properties as well as the uniform alloy distribution. Our extensive program ranges from pure copper-phosphorus solders to 45 percent silver solders that are also suitable for stainless steel brazing.

Choosen variant:ROLOT S45Cu, ISO 17672, 2mm,round,100g
Article number:45050
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  • Excellent quality suitable for plumbing, electrical industry, refrigeration and air-conditioning according to the DVGW worksheets GW 2 and GW 7 Very good melt and flow properties thanks to the uniform distribution of alloy elements All ROTHENBERGER ROLOT fitting solders are cadmium free
  • ROLOT S45Cu L-Ag45Sn, 100g

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ROLOT S45Cu, ISO 17672, 2mm,round,100g


ROLOT S45Cu L-Ag45Sn, 100g

ROLOT S94, according to DIN 1044, 3x3x500mm, 1kg


ROLOT S94, 3x3x500mm, 1kg

ROLOT S 94 - 400g in PVC bag


ROLOT S94, 400 g

PVC bag

ROLOT S 15 Hartlot CuP 284 according to ISO 17672, 500 mm, 1 kg, angular


ROLOT S15, nach ISO 17672