With the ROWELD P 125 socket welder, three welding combinations for welding PE, PP and PVDF sockets, pipes and fittings can be realized simultaneously. The installed electronic components as well as the high quality of the coating of the heated spigots / sockets ensure a long-lasting operation.

Choosen variant:ROWELD P125 Basic unit 230V
Article number:55321
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  • Process reliability due to temperature control according to DVS, CEN and ISO
  • High quality PTFE coating, long life cycle and according to DVS guidelines
  • Electronic temperature control and monitoring as well as securing the temperature settings against adjustment
  • Time and cost savings due to quick change heating plate system
  • Optimized temperature distribution on the entire working area
  • 4 holes to acommodate heated spigots and -sockets
  • ROWELD P125 Grundgerät

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ROWELD P125 Basic unit 230V


ROWELD P125 Grundgerät

ROWELD P125 Basic unit, electronic, 110V


Top plate for P125 (2 pieces)


Aufsatzplatte 160 mm zum Stumpfschweissen

Floor stand for ROWELD P125


Bodenständer für ROWELD P 125 Muffenschweißgerät