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We equip our products for you with the latest technologies to ensure an interface with smartphone and co.

Whether you are looking for the right pressing tool for the pressing system you are using, want to have pipeline inspection images transferred directly to a mobile device, or want to provide your customer with proof of your flushing process or pressure test - our apps make life easier!

Pressnavigator App

Press navigator for easy checking of compatibility of pressing tool and fitting system.

Which pressing tool fits which fitting system? The ROTHENBERGER Press Navigator offers convenient support: with the help of just a few clicks, you can check the compatibility between our pressing tools and the common fitting systems.

ROSCOPE i2000 App

App for smartphone and tablet for editing and sending captured image data.
  • Wi-Fi transmitter enables live image transmission from ROSCOPE i2000 to mobile devices
  • Integrated editing function for marking and naming inspected pipeline damage
  • Synchronization of stored images from the ROSCOPE i2000 for subsequent processing
  • Sending of processed images directly from the site of operation


Thanks to wireless data transmission via WLAN, the live image and inspection results can be easily transferred to mobile end devices, enabling flexible working.
  • Image editing, changing camera settings and menu navigation via the 10.4 'color touch screen.
  • Direct recording of images and videos as well as editing options (e.g. documentation of damage)
  • Fast data recording with integrated keyboard for marking, highlighting and naming damage
  • Image and video transmission via WIFI, micro-HDMI, mini-USB, SD card
  • Live stream of image and data via WIFI to ROCAM 4 app
  • Self-levelling and interchangeable camera heads
  • Interchangeable wheels for different working areas

CAS Battery Platform

The cordless construction site is within reach, because with Cordless Alliance System (CAS) batteries you can operate your tools with one and the same battery.


App for sending and managing all measurements of the ROTEST GW Digital V3.
  • Protocol can be sent immediately by e-mail as a PDF file
  • Simple, fast and professional documentation
  • Predefined protocols for the different test types
  • Suitable for Apple and Android
  • Measurement data transfer via WLAN
  • User-defined setup of the company profile for the protocol


Work and log professionally thanks to eDM (electronic Data Management).
  • Protocol can be sent immediately as a PDF by e-mail
  • Suitable for Android & Windows; transfer via Bluetooth
  • User-defined company profile setup (protocol)
  • Live data transmission to the screen of the dishwasher
  • Ready-made protocols for different types of rinsing for easy completion


Calculation of freezing parameters and documentation of freezing processes with the Rothenberger ROFROST device.

By selecting the pipe material and the diameter of the pipe, the app gives a recommendation for the duration of the freezing process and offers a stopwatch function. The freezing time can be extended manually. After completion of the freezing process, the result can be logged with photos.