Craftsmen have to transport their tools in the vehicle and to the place of work - clever transport and sorting systems make their lives easier and save them valuable working time. The ROCASE case system, for example, offers four different case sizes that can be stacked and firmly connected with a simple click closure. Installers can thus carry several devices handily or also transport them with a shoulder strap. The ABS plastic makes the cases ideal for use on the construction site.

These ROCASES are already available with matching inserts for many ROTHENBERGER tools, so that tools and accessories have a firm hold in the case. With inserts made of plucked foam, existing tools can be stored safely.

To keep things tidy in the ROCASE, there are - currently first for the ROCASE with 44 cm width and 14 cm height - shelves and ROBOXES, smaller organiser units, in which small parts and tools can be stored ready to hand at any time. ROBOXES are available in two different sizes, so that three large or six small ROBOXES fill one shelf.