ROMAX Compact Twin Turbo bare tool

The electro-hydraulic, radial press machine ROMAX Compact Twin Turbo is ideally suited for system-compliant pressing of fittings made of metal, plastic and multi-layer composite systems (MSR) up to 35 mm, even in constrained positions. The ROMAX Compact Twin Turbo presses fittings with a piston force of 19 kN and a press cycle of 3 seconds. Perfect handling through balanced weight distribution is achieved the Twin Turbo design. Constant pressing force over the complete pressing cycle is guaranteed by Constant Force Technology (CFT). With a length of only 34 cm and a weight of 2.5 kg, the ROMAX Compact Twin Turbo is small, light and facilitates work over longer distances. Up to 130 crimps are possible with the 2 Ah battery.

Choosen variant:ROMAX Compact Twin Turbo bare tool
Article number:1000002809
  • Fast: due to turbo pressure one pressing takes only 3 seconds
  • Strong: presses metal fittings up to Ø 35 mm
  • Handy: perfectly balanced - the center of gravity is where the user grips it
  • Small and light: at 34cm long, the ROMAX Compact TT weighs only 2.5 kg
  • ROMAX Compact TT Basic unit

    Instruction manual

    ROCASE 4414 with insert for ROMAX Compact TT