ROMAX Compact TT Maxipro1/4"-1.1/8", 1x2Ah,UK

Plumbing and heating installers use the electro-hydraulic radial press maschine ROMAX Compact TT for conducting domestic and service installations, even in confined spaces. The ROMAX Compact TT uses turbo pressure for pressing metal fittings up to Ø 35 mm in only 3 seconds. Enormous power on just 34 cm length thanks to its two cylinder construction. The perfectly distributed weight facilitates working in continuous use.

Choosen variant:ROMAX Compact TT Maxipro1/4"-1.1/8", 1x2Ah,UK
Article number:1000002125
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  • Fast: thanks to turbo pressure a pressing takes only 3 seconds Strong: presses metal fittings up to Ø 35 mm Handy: perfectly balanced - the centre of gravity is where the user holds the tool Small and lightweight: with 34cm in length, the ROMAX Compact TT weighs just 2.5 kg

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    ROMAX Compact TT Maxipro1/4"-1.1/8", 1x2Ah,UK


    ROMAX Compact TT Maxipro 1/4"-1.1/8", 1x2Ah, EU