The Compact Press Jaw of the RFz contour with nominal diameters of 12-32 mm is ideally suited for system-compliant pressing of fittings for plastic pipe systems. An extended service life of the pressing jaw as well as precise pressing, is achieved by the special, partial laser hardening process called DURA LAZR TEC. This results in minimized wear within the press contour as well as a doubling of the press cycles compared to the previous model. The quality of the press jaw, over its entire service life, is perfected by the optimized corrosion protection. With the integration of a 3-bolt synchronized mechanism, opening the pressing jaw in daily use becomes a breeze (one-finger operation). The ROTHENBERGER pressing jaws are suitable for all press machines with a thrust force of 19kN due to the use of heavy-duty special steel.

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  • ¬†DURA LAZR TEC process - Partial laser hardening enables highest degree of hardness at highly stressed areas. This results in minimal wear and a high degree of contour accuracy.
  • In combination with the forged, highly stressable and flexible special steel, the new generation of press jaws achieves a 100% longer service life compared to its predecessor
  • The 3-bolt synchronized mechanism allows the press jaw to be opened with one finger
  • Precision-engineered contour for optimal and safe pressing operations
  • Pressback Compact RFz, 12mm

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Press jaw Compact RFz12


Pressback Compact RFz, 12mm

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Press jaw Compact RFz16


Press Jaw Compact RFz16

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ROBOX with cover

Foam block for Compact ROBOX

DURA LAZR insert card

Press jaw Compact RFz20


Compact FFz Press Jaw, 20mm

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Press jaw Compact RFz25


Press Jaw Standard RFz25

Operating instructions for Standard and Compact press jaws