ROCUT TC 63 Professional, 0-63mm,SBverp.

The ROCUT Professional plastic pipe shears deliver clean and straight cuts on all common plastic types up to Ø 75mm.

Choosen variant:ROCUT TC 63 Professional, 0-63mm,SBverp.
Article number:055095E
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  • Stainless steel blade with V-edge: pin-point precision without deformation Minimum effort: ideally meshed cutting curve Wide pipe support: Precise right-angled cuts Release the lever with the push of a button: Automatic and controlled opening of the blade Rubberized handle: for a secure fit without slipping Transport lock: For better transportation shear arms can be locked after cutting
  • Kunststoffrohreschere ROCUT TC 63

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ROCUT TC 63 Professional, 0-63mm,SBverp.


Kunststoffrohreschere ROCUT TC 63

ROCUT TC 63 Professional


ROCUT TC 63 Professional, 0-63 mm

ROCUT TC 75 Professional


ROCUT TC 75 Professional, 0-75 mm

ROCUT TC 50 Professional


Kunststoffrohrschere ROCUT TC 50 Professional