The high-quality ROTHENBERGER twin autogenous hoses consist of two rubber hoses vulcanised together in accordance with ISO 3821. It offers safe and long-lasting use with acetylene and oxygen.

Choosen variant:Twin hose line A/S, 5m
Article number:35222
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  • Top quality according to ISO 3821 (formerly EN 559)
  • With strong insert, durable and flexible loadable up to 20 bar
  • Rubber material (no PVC), ready mounted with union nuts
  • Zwillings-Schlauchleitungen A/S, 5m

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Twin hose line A/S, 5m


Zwillings-Schlauchleitungen A/S, 5m

Twin hose line A/S, 10m


Zwillings-Schlauchleitungen A/S, 10m