TUBE BENDER MAXI basic unit, 12-26mm, without bracket

The TUBE BENDER MAXI is the manual bending device with different bending segments for bending copper and stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 12-22 mm. A bending angle indicator on the bending segment enables the tube to be bent accurately up to 90°. The open bending frame and the release lever allow the bending segment to be quickly released and reset. The plastic bending segments and the side shape with high sliding properties ensure optimum results. The bending device is also equipped with a transport lock that prevents the handle from opening during transportation.

Choosen variant:TUBE BENDER MAXI basic unit, 12-26mm, without bracket
Article number:766100016
  • Fast production of bends thanks to ratchet feed
  • Eliminates costs for bend fittings, storage and procurement
  • Quick unclamping and resetting of the bending segment
  • Bending segments are easy to replace
  • Optimum bending results
  • TUBE BENDER MAXI, basic unit, 12-22mm, without bracket