ROBEND H+W Plus, 1/2", m. handle bar

Using the ROBEND H+W Plus installers in the plumbing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning sector can bend copper, stainless steel and carbon-steel pipes up to 180°.

Choosen variant:ROBEND H+W Plus, 1/2", m. handle bar
Article number:24552
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  • Accurate bending on continuous pipe Eliminates costs of bending formers, procurement and warehousing Free hand and bending on a vice possible Precision bending with minimum size chart and bending angle display directly on the tool

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    ROBEND H+W Plus, 1/2", m. handle bar


    ROBEND H+W Plus, 8mm/5/16", with handle bar


    ROBEND H+W Plus, 10mm, with handle bar


    ROBEND H+W Plus, 12mm, with handle bar