Installer's aid set 4-way stand.,R22-R407C

With the ROTHENBERGER manifold PLUS sets, refrigeration system builders and technicians can install and maintain refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps. For bending soft copper and multilayer tubes in dimensions 10-26 mm / 3/8-7/8 ". The sets are adapted to different refrigerants and their connections.

Choosen variant:Installer's aid set 4-way stand.,R22-R407C
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  • 4-way manifold and matching tubes in a set Large gauge with a diameter of 80 mm Hose with shut-off valve In a sturdy plastic case Accuracy class 1.6 Pressure gauge with protective rubber casing The bending formers are easily replaceable due to the plug mechanism

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        Installer's aid set 4-way stand.,R22-R407C


        Assembly aid set 4-way II Plus, R410A and R32