Digital assembly aid ROCOOL 600 incl. Red Box

Depending on the equipment, the ROCOOL 600 digital installation aid is ideally suited for installers of air conditioning systems and heat pumps as well as refrigeration system manufacturers. With the basic unit, the advantages of a digital installation aid can already be used, such as the automatic calculation of superheat and a selection of over 80 refrigerants. All common sanitary installation fittings can be clamped. As soon as the system values are recorded, the device can be connected to a computer and used with the included software. A Pirani vacuum probe is available for high-vacuum measurements.

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  • Modular system: base unit can be upgraded with Red Box incl. Data Viewer software for reading out or recording data on a computer, as well as additional, external Pirani vacuum probe Over 80 refrigerants incl. R32 and R744 (sub-critical) are configured in the device. New refrigerants can be added later by using the update function Simultaneous calculation of overheating and subcooling Documentation software Data Viewer generates automatic reports based on recorded data. Ideal for handing over to the customer External Pirani vacuum probe allows the vacuum to be read where the most accurate measurement is possible: directly on the refrigeration circuit

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    Digital assembly aid ROCOOL 600 incl. Red Box


    ROCOOL 600 set with 2 temperature terminals in the suitcase


    ROCOOL 600 Set Blister


    Red Box for ROCOOL 600