Double-flanged press DB 10-Set, 4.75-10mm

Mechanics in the automotive sector can flare KUNIFER brake pipes up to Ø 10 mm using the precision double flaring press DB 10.

Choosen variant:Double-flanged press DB 10-Set, 4.75-10mm
Article number:26013
  • Accurate and reproducible results Different flaring profiles can be manufactured Suitable for clamping in a vice Reliable hold due to 25 mm pipe clamp length - no slipping of the pipe during the flaring process Universal use due to pluggable pressure cone
  • Doppelbördelpresse DB 10 Set

    Bördeleinsatz 4,75mm

    Bördeleinsatz 5mm

    Bördeleinsatz 6mm

    Bördeleinsatz 8mm

    Bördeleinsatz 9mm

    Bördeleinsatz 10mm

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    Klemmring DB 10

    Bedienungsanleitung DB 10