The ROCAM Expander can be used by HVAC installers for bending copper, stainless steel and aluminium pipes up to Ø 42 mm/ 1.3/4" in order to save the costs for form pieces, fittings and solder material.

Choosen variant:ROCAM EPT Set,3/8-1.3/8" (7 Exp.heads)
Article number:12341
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  • Up to 50% cost savings on labor, solders, solder joints and energy compared to a fitting connection Length of the expander segments corresponds to the DVGW requirements Forged aluminium body - lightweight and durable Capillary gap adjustable by means of a screw

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      ROCAM EPT Set,3/8-1.3/8" (7 Exp.heads)


      ROCAM EPT Set, 10-12-15-16-18-22-28 mm


      ROCAM EPT Set, 1/2-3/4-1"


      ROCAM EPT Set, 15-22mm