RODIACUT 400 Pro-Set, plug plate, 230V

HVAC installers, electricians, gardeners and chimney constructers can use the electric drill system, consisting of the drill stand RODIACUT 250 and drill motor RODIADRILL 200 or 500 for the production of hand-operated and stationary dry drillings in concrete and masonry.

Choosen variant:RODIACUT 400 Pro-Set, plug plate, 230V
Article number:FF34300
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  • 4 applications with one single device Stationary wet drilling up to Ø 200 mm Stationary dry drilling up to Ø 225 mm Hand-operated wet drilling up to Ø 82 mm Hand-operated dry drilling up to Ø 250 mm One tool for all settings on the drill stand Quick release plate for 2 x drill motor mount, either standard (4-hole) or Ø 60 mm clamping collar Tool-less motor assembly on the drill stand thanks to dovetail plate and clamp 2 leveling indicators included 4 adjustment screws for fast and precise alignment of the drill stand Lightweight aluminum construction allows a one man operation of the drilling system Fully-equipped drill stand including Borehole centre indicator, drill depth stop and a scale for easier application Integrated rubber wheels for easy transport on the construction site and stairs

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RODIACUT 400 Pro-Set, plug plate, 230V


Diamond drilling system RODIA 160, PROMO


Drilling system RODIACUT 150 / RODIADRILL 160


Bohrmotor RODIADRILL 160

Bohrständer RODIACUT 150

Maulschlüssel SW 19

Maulschlüssel, SW 24

Maulschlüssel SW 36

Maulschlüssel, SW 41

Befestigungs-Set Beton


Adapter für Stecker


Hammerbohrer SDS Plus, 15x160mm

Arbeitshandschuhe, leicht gummiert, 1 Paar

Sicherheitsbrille - UVEX

Ohrstöpsel SaveRave

Bedienungsanleitung für Bohrständer RODIACUT 150-250

Bedienungsanleitung für RODIADRILL 160 und 200

Drilling system RODIACUT 150 / RODIADRILL 200


Bohrmotor RODIADRILL 200

Bohrständer RODIACUT 150

Maulschlüssel SW19 DIN895

Maulschlüssel, SW24, DIN894

Maulschlüssel SW36 DIN894

Maulschlüssel, SW41, DIN894

Befestigungs-Set Beton


Hammerbohrer SDS Plus, 15x160mm


Ohrstöpsel SaveRave in Aluminium-Dose

Arbeitshandschuhe,leicht gummiert,1 Paar

Sicherheitsbrille - UVEX

Bedienungsanleitung RODIADRILL 160 + 200

Bedienungsanleitung Bohrständer RODIACUT 150-250