Diamond drill stand RODIACUT 250

HVAC installers, electricians and gardeners combine the RODIACUT drill stand with a drill motor for the production of core drillings.

Choosen variant:Diamond drill stand RODIACUT 250
Article number:FF30250
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  • Lightweight aluminum construction allows for a one man operation Fully-equipped drill stand including borehole centre indicator, drill depth stop and scale Integrated vacuum plate as a second mounting option available 3-fold angle adjustment, fast, simple and tool-free from 90° - 45 Adjustable and toolless changeable hand lever, suitable for near wall drillings 2 transport handles ideal for carrying or mounting on the wall Ø 60 mm clamping collar for the most commonly used hand operated drilling motors 2 leveling indicators included 4 adjustment screws for fast and precise alignment of the drill stand
  • Bohrständer RODIACUT 250

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Diamond drill stand RODIACUT 250


Bohrständer RODIACUT 250

Diamond drill stand RODIACUT 150


Bohrständer RODIACUT 150

Drilling stand RODIACUT 400 Pro Düelplatte


Bohrständer RODIACUT 400