Extension 1.1/4" UNC, NL=200mm

These steel drill bit extensions are ideal for producing core drillings with individual depths.

Choosen variant:Extension 1.1/4" UNC, NL=200mm
Article number:FF35065
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  • Easy extension of the drilling depth through different effective lengths High quality and robust steel, no tearing of the threaded adaptor Threaded adaptor 1.1/4" UNC" or G1/2", suitable for standard drill bits
  • Verlängerung, 1.1/4"UNC, NL=200mm

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Extension 1.1/4" UNC, NL=200mm


Verlängerung, 1.1/4"UNC, NL=200mm

Drill crown extension 1.1/4" UNC, 300 mm, steel version


Verlängerung, 1.1/4"UNC, NL=300mm

Drill crown extension 1.1/4" UNC, 500 mm, steel version


Verlängerung, 1.1/4"UNC, NL=500mm

Extension 1.1/4" UNC, NL=100mm