The SUPER FIRE 3 is also ideal for brazing in addition to soft-soldering. In combination with MAPP Gas, the SUPER FIRE 3 is ideally suited for repairs and service work. Thanks to the 5 different interchangeable burner inserts, it is also suitable for shrinking, heating and removing paint.

Choosen variant:SUPER FIRE 3 Set m.Zyklonbr.+MAPP,Vers.B
Article number:035432-B
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  • ,,Twist ,N' Load" system (5 different burner inserts) - fast replacing of the burner with only one movement Powerful cyclone burner for efficient brazing up to Ø 28 mm Ideal with MAPP gas: Brazing of up to 2.5 hours with only one cartridge possible Piezo ignition and safety lock for comfortable and economical work

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SUPER FIRE 3 Set m.Zyklonbr.+MAPP,Vers.B


SUPER FIRE 3 Set m.Zyklonbr.+MAPP,Vers.C


SUPER FIRE 3 MAPP Set with Cyclone Burner, language version A