Hydraulic butt welding macihne for pipes and fittings made of PE, PP and PVDF with Ø 90 - 250 mm. Due to usage of robust, low maintanance and long lifetime compnents a reliable work can be ensured.

The ROWELD hydraulic unit "Professional" with stepless pressure adjustment, easy-to-read pressure gauge and pressure accumulator is suitable for welding according to DVS and other internationally valid guidelines and standards

Choosen variant:ROWELD Heating element for P 250B
Article number:55180
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  • easy handling
  • robust
  • flexible use
  • particularly torsionally stiff, weight-optimized frame
  • safe
  • ROWELD Heizelement für P250B Betriebsanleitung Heizelemente

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ROWELD Heating element for P 250B


ROWELD Heizelement für P250B Betriebsanleitung Heizelemente

ROWELD P250B Premium CNC SA Set


Grundmaschine P250B CNC

Heizelement P250B CNC

Planhobel P250B

Hydraulik P250B PREMIUM CNC

Einstellkasten für Heizelement und Planhobel P250B

Ringratschenschlüssel 19 x 22

Sechskant-Stiftschlüssel 5 x 150

Zylinderschraube M6 x 20

Schweißtabellenheft PREMIUM metrisch

Serviceheft für P250B - P630B PREMIUM CNC

Betriebsanleitung P250B - P630B Plus PREMIUM CNC

Technische Daten P160B - P630B

ROWELD P250B Premium CNC VA Set


ROWELD P250B Professional Basic Set, 230V 50Hz


Grundmaschine P250B Professional

Heizelement P250B Professional

Planhobel P250B Professional

Einstellkasten für Planhobel und Heizelement

Hydraulikaggregat P250B Professional, 550 W

Sechskantschlüssel, SW 5 mm x 150 mm

Ringratschenschlüssel SW 19 mm x 22 mm