Reducer inset for P160 SANILINE, 63mm

The P160 Saniline is ideal for the installer. Due to the compact design, she can be stored in each vehicle. The heating element has an electronic temperature control (DVS compliant) and can be used separately if necessary.

Choosen variant:Reducer inset for P160 SANILINE, 63mm
Article number:54086
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  • High stability due to optimized force distribution
  • All common sanitary installation fittings can be clamped.
  • Flexible use in difficult positions caused by removable heating plates.
  • Minimized drag force.
  • Precise force adjustment.
  • Protection against unintentional starting and derailing of the trimmer unit.
  • Secure clamping of pipes, fittings, tight 45° branches and 90° bends.

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Reducer inset for P160 SANILINE, 63mm


ROWELD P 160 SANILINE Ø 40 - 160 mm, 230V / Israel


ROWELD P160 Saniline 40 - 160 incl 56mm


Reducer inset for P160 SANILINE, 56mm


Reduktion unten Ø 56mm Reduktion oben Ø 56mm